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Activities and excursions that you can do in Lanzarote

Lanzarote offers the opportunity to have some fantastic days out thanks to its wide variety of activities for all.

You can find a wide range of possibilities from plans for the calmest of people such as relaxing in the sun on Lanzarote’s spectacular beaches to plans for people who are more active such as cycling routes, hiking, diving, surf….even paragliding!


Hiking Routes in Lanzarote

On the island you can find a multitude of routes for all tastes.  You can choose the one that best suits your level from a variety of walks which cover the whole geography of the island.  Here is a small selection:

Ye-Volcán de la Corona (Corona Volcano)

DISTANCE:  5 kilometres     TYPE: Circular route

DIFFICULTY:  Low       DURATION: 1½ hours

A fairly easy route, recommended for the whole family to enjoy.  The hike starts in the village of Ye and stands out for the colourful and different species of flora and fauna which can be found along the way, the particular shape of the crater and, of course, the impressive views from the highest point (609 meters).

Camino de los Gracioseros (The Walk of the Gracioseros)

DISTANCE:8 kilometres TYPE:     Circular route

DIFFICULTY:Medium-High    DURATION:  3 hours

A beautiful route, unique for its history. This walk united the inhabitants of La Graciosa with Lanzarote during many years.  The impossible job of cultivating crops on the island of La Graciosa due to the arid land forced the inhabitants to travel to Lanzarote in small boats to do business.  The Gracioseros took their wives to the beach at the base of the cliffs and they carried all the stock on their heads, climbed up the path until they reached the village of Haría.  The aim was to exchange fish for produce from the crops.  When they finished, they once again put the exchanged items on their heads and made their way back down the path.


Mancha Blanca-Caldera Blanca

DISTANCE: 10 kilometres    TYPE: Circular route

DIFFICULTY: Medium    DURATION: 3½ hours

An incredible route where you can enjoy the unique landscape between volcanoes.  The journey of this adventure will take you to the heights of the majestic Caldera Blanca, where you will see amazing white, orange, russet and green tones.  The best panoramic views of the crater and surrounding area can be seen from the path on the left side of the edge of the volcano up to the highest point (458 meters).

In our reception we have various Lanzarote Hiking Guides with complete information about the hikes and the flora and fauna of Lanzarote.  Don’t hesitate to ask for them during your stay!


Bicycle Rental in Lanzarote

The fabulous climate which accompanies Lanzarote all year round and the absence of high altitudes are two of the many factors that allow you to enjoy cycling in Lanzarote like nowhere else.  Draisiana Bike is a local company with a good selection of bicycles which offer you everything you need to enjoy cycling safely:  helmet, bicycle lock, child’s seat, puncture kit, lights.

They will deliver your chosen bicycle to your accommodation and will collect it after.  Minimal rental is 3 days.  Price: €8/day.  Choose your bicycle at



The many kilometres of coast, mild temperatures, comfort of paradise beaches and above all the wind make Lanzarote the perfect place to go surfing all year round.  If you enjoy surfing, Lanzarote is your island.  The beaches and waves which can be found in the municipalities of Teguise, Tinajo and Haría are the most visited by surfers.

Also, in Calima Surf, you will find everything that you need to be able to do this activity.  From surf classes to hiring equipment.  Other interesting options offered by this school are kitesurfing classes for all levels and beginners course of SUP – Stand Up Paddle.



In addition to the impressive landscapes of Lanzarote we can find another paradise submerged in the crystal-clear waters.

The island has a spectacular costal autograph and seabed which only the most curious are brave enough to explore.  Amazing underwater formations accompanied by spectacular marine fauna and flora.

If you are interested in going diving in Lanzarote we recommend:  North Diving Lanzarote in Arrieta.  More information at



If you are looking for more of a rush, if you are not afraid of heights and if you want to know what it feels like to fly like a bird…then we recommend you try paragliding.

From the air you will take in the enormity of the volcanoes, the vast ocean and the beauty of the unique landscape.  In Famaraiso they give you the opportunity to ride the sky of Lanzarote.  More information at

Excursions in Lanzarote

There are many excursions for you to do during your stay in the Island of the Volcanoes.  Our recommendation is to visit some of the street markets that are held in various places on the island, do an excursion by ferry to visit one of our neighbouring islands: La Graciosa and Fuerteventura,  or enjoy the amazing beaches that Lanzarote has to offer.

Our Selection of Local Markets

Traditional Market in Haría

  • Days: Every Saturday
  • Times:  From 10:00 to 14:00

The Haría market takes place every Saturday from 10:00 in the morning in the Plaza de la Constitución in the village.  Well known for its traditional and contemporary artisan products along with its quality wines, cheeses and farm produce.


Teguise Market

  • Days:  Every Sunday
  • Times:  From 09:00 to 14:00

This is without a doubt the most popular market in Lanzarote.  It is spread out in the streets and plazas of the beautiful village of Teguise, the old capital of Lanzarote from the early 15th century until 1852.  There, you can buy artisan products of all types;  ceramics, baskets, leather accessories and natural products such as cheese, wine and aloe vera based products.

Many artists also sell here their colourful works and it is, without doubt, an unmissable event for visitors. Alongside the market there are various bars with live music and a great atmosphere, like the Ikarus, La Cantina or La Palmera, ideal for a small snack or a drink after a morning of shopping.


Agricultural Market of Mancha Blanca, Tinajo

  • Days:  Every Sunday
  • Times:  From 09:00 until 14:00

At the agricultural market of Tinajo you can find traditional Lanzarote products from fish, to cheese, vegetables and pastries.


Excursions to other islands

Ferry to La Graciosa

The ferries that take you to the amazing island of La Graciosa leave every day from the port of Órzola, situated in the north of Lanzarote, sailing to Caleta de Sebo in the south of La Graciosa.  It is a short journey which takes around 30 minutes.

The service is available approximately every hour from 08:00 until 18:00.

Currently, these are the two companies which make the sailing and you can consult the times and prices on their websites:

Líneas Romero –

Biosfera Express –


Ferry to Fuerteventura

The link by sea between the island of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura can be found at the port of Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote and Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura.

There are sailings available between approximately 08:00 until 19:30, depending on the company you choose to travel with.

Currently, there are three companies which offer this journey.  You can reserve your ticket and check their hours and prices on their websites:

Naviera Armas –

Líneas Romero –

Fred Olsen Express –


Recommended beaches in Lanzarote


Playa de la Garita

This golden beach is situated in Arrieta, only 1.1km from the Bungalows Caleta Campos.  It is a cosy beach, 810m long.  The beach has a friendly chiringuito (beach bar) and a children’s play park and skate park.


Playa del Caletón Blanco

This white sandy beach is an authentic paradise.  The volcanic rocks form a large, natural pool with crystal-clear waters.  You can relax in one of its “zocos” which is the name given to the small stone booths which were erected by the locals to protect them from the wind.  It is a tranquil beach and can be found in the north of Lanzarote, very close to the village of Órzola.


Playa de Famara

In our opinion this is, without a doubt, the most spectacular beach in Lanzarote.  The beach begins in the small village of La Caleta de Famara on the north-east coast of Lanzarote and stretches some 6 km until the slopes of the majestic Cliffs by the same name.  The sand is clean and fine with a beige colour.  The prevailing trade winds have formed sand dunes with limited vegetation further up the beach and beach goers can relax there pleasantly under the sun.

It is a beach which usually has waves and is windy and for that it is ideal to learn and practice water activities such as surfing, bodyboarding and kitesurf.  Swimming in the sea at Famara requires some caution so we advise you to always swim where you can stand up, particularly during high tide when you can experience strong currents.

Although it is a popular beach, its length means that it never feels crowded and you will feel like you are alone on the beach of your dreams.  A great plan is to walk the length of the beach at low tide!

Playa de las Cucharas

Situated in the village of Costa Teguise this small beach is only 650 m long.  It has fine, golden sand and its water is usually calm.  Surrounding the beach are many shops, restaurants and a beautiful, popular coastal path.  In Las Cucharas there are a variety of sports offered and it has many windsurf and diving schools.


Playa de Papagayo

This is one of the named Playas de Papagayo, a series of wild beaches with extraordinary beauty situated in the extreme south of the island, very close to the village of Playa Blanca.  The beaches have calm water, people can practice nudism and access to the beach is by sandy tracks.   The Playa de Papagayo is perhaps the most beautiful of them all, of which the whole emblematic area is named after.  It is hidden between two cliffs forming a small cove.  Only 120m long and 20m wide; it has fine, golden sand mixed with the intense turquoise waters where you can clearly see to the bottom.  From the beach are beautiful sights across to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura and the small island of Lobos.

To visit this beach, it is recommended to go by car until the parking area which has a cost of €3 for the entire day.